IM | Health is a dedicated team of over 40 professionals devoted to helping our patients lead healthier, happier, and longer lives.

We understand that the healthcare system can be complex. That’s why our goal is to simplify the process for patients by providing top-notch professionals who can assist them in achieving better outcomes in life.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer: seven separate divisions working together harmoniously to serve you.

  1. Family Practice: We are unwavering in our belief that each patient needs a sanctuary from the increasingly faceless character of modern medicine. Our answer to this problem has always been rather simple – a medical home for each of our patients. Our office is a place where the physicians and staff know your face, treat most medical issues, act as a guide/consultant for more complex matters, and focus on you, not just the disease.
  2. Behavioral Health: You can’t be truly healthy without proper mental health. It is a critical factor for both emotional and physical well-being. Its impact cannot be overstated with regard to an individual’s ability to function optimally in all aspects of life. At IM | Health we provide individual therapy, psychological assessments and evidence based practices. 
  3. Urgent Care: When you are sick or injured, the last thing you want to do is wait in a bland, generic urgent care. At IM | Health, we bring you one of the most dedicated, patient-centric teams in a bright, refreshing atmosphere that is embedded in the local medical community. In short, it’s an urgent care you’ll actually want to visit.
  4. Diet & Nutrition: Nutrition Counseling is a one-on-one approach to help you improve your health, nutrition, and well-being. Whether you have a chronic medical condition, are seeking guidance in improving food habits, or looking to optimize performance in sports or fitness routines, your Registered Dietitian at IM | Health can help. 
  5. Physical Therapy: IM | Health offers an array of services to help you reach your physical potential. Whether it is to rehabilitate an injury or maintain a state of wellness, our physical therapists, and massage therapists can help you maintain a good quality of life.
  6. Fitness Center : At IM | Health, we take a proactive approach to health and longevity with exercise being an integral part of our philosophical prescription. It is the key to achieving optimal health by preventing heart disease, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, and obesity, while ensuring better strength, mobility, and balance. At IM | Health, we offer a wide range of exercise options to help you stay active and improve your quality of life.
  7. IM + : Moving beyond the limitations of traditional healthcare and health insurance, IM|+ elevates the patient experience by expanding on our core principles of the doctor/patient relationship, proactive medicine & lifestyle enhancements.

As a part of team IM | Health, all of our professionals will work together to help you achieve your health goals. Reach out to our office to join the team today.