You can’t be truly healthy without
proper mental health

Mental health is a critical factor for both emotional and physical well-being. Its impact cannot be overstated with regard to an individual’s ability to function optimally in all aspects of life.

Psychological Assessment

(eg., ADHD diagnostic assessment)

Our Services

Individual Therapy

Short-term solution focused therapy and longer term exploratory therapy

Psychological Assessment

(eg., ADHD diagnostic assessment)

Evidence-based Practices

(eg., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Common Issues

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive worry
  • Problems with self-esteem
  • ADHD and cognitive dysfunction
  • Life transitions
  • Coping with stress and trauma
  • Emotion regulation problems
  • Sleep and appetite concerns
  • Habits or behavioral intervention

Additional Areas of Expertise

Chronic illness management

Eating Disorders

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i)

What Our Patients Have To Say

Been going here for years. Very prompt, very professional, and very responsive. Building is great.

– J.P.

Great care on behalf of the medical professionals, friendly and accommodating staff and beautiful setting. We have been there multiple times, and the service is always outstanding.

– J.T.

This place is great. I was seen right away. They were caring and kind. Would highly recommend.

– M.K.

Meet Our Professional

Antonia O’Planick, PsyD

CALL NOW: (484)-754-6818

University of West Chester: Bachelor of Psychology

University of Pennsylvania: Masters in Counseling and Mental Health Services

La Salle University: Doctorate of Clinical Health Psychology

Years of Experience: 15 years experience working in large hospital systems, inpatient mental health, specialized outpatient centers, and outpatient care

Clinical Interests: As a Clinical Health Psychologist I’m most interested in the interaction between mental health and physical health. I utilize evidence-based, scientific-supported approaches to treat psychological disorders and also promote mental wellness. Most of my work is guided by the principle that emotional/psychological distress is completely normal and can actually be viewed as useful signals indicating where some area of our lives needs attention and care. My goal for treatment is to meaningfully reduce the impact of symptoms rather than just learn better ways to “cope” with distress. Although results-oriented, I value being compassionate, encouraging, genuine, and non-judgmental.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and children, being outside and enjoying nature (especially at the beach and in the woods!), walking and practicing yoga, and going to great restaurants with my husband and friends

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