It All Starts With A Simple Goal

A goal of having more energy, losing weight, or increasing movement throughout the day. By being a part of Team IM | Health, you have access to our in-house dietitian who is clinically trained and experienced to help you reach these goals.

Together, we develop a comprehensive plan to make steps towards creating your healthiest self.

Learn How To Properly Feed & Nourish Your Body

Optimal health is more than just having those six-pack abs or wearing a certain clothing size. It is about using foods to properly feed and nourish the body. You wouldn’t put diesel fuel in a car that requires premium, so why not fuel your body properly?

Adequate nutrition will help enhance your energy levels, mental and physical strength, as well as boost your immune system. Working with a dietitian will provide an opportunity to learn and explore avenues to make healthy changes and improve all dimensions of your health!

First, We Make A Plan & Set Goals

Our program starts with an in-depth 60-minute session where you and your dietitian dive deep into your eating habits to find areas for improvement.

After determining where to focus, we work together to create personalized goals that are achievable and compatible for you!

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Then, We Turn Those Goals Into Daily Actions Together

We designed our program to be extremely collaborative.

As you work towards your daily goals, you can message your dietitian through the IM | Health app with any questions or comments about your eating habits.

And we have monthly or quarterly in-person check-ins where we evaluate and expand upon your plan as we see fit.

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Take The First Step Towards A Healthier, Happier You

As a member of Team IM | Health, you are eligible for a free 60 minute consult with our dietitian to begin discussing your health goals.

And after you get started, most insurance plans cover your follow-up visits (typically 30-45 minutes) at no additional cost, so we can continue evaluating your goals and taking steps to improve your health!

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