Hi, I’m Dr. Rock Walker, Founder and CEO of IM | Health – the future of primary care.

Our story began decades ago in my late 20s, when I decided to leave an established career in finance for a passion I had developed for medicine. So, in the midst of raising a family of four with my wife, I entered med school, and soon discovered my love for primary care medicine.

Following my residency, I established Radnor Family Practice with the belief that every patient deserved a medical provider who could not only address their illnesses, but also act as a trusted partner helping patients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

While this approach proved successful, I soon realized that most chronic disease stems from the overwhelming stresses of modern life. Simply put, our genetics just aren’t equipped to handle our current lifestyle, and most issues could be prevented or treated by focusing on what we like to call the “four pillars of health” – sleep, diet, exercise, and happiness.

We can’t just react to disease anymore, we have to be proactive about optimizing each patient’s health. It seems straightforward, but to truly understand and implement these changes requires not only a paradigm shift in our own thinking, but that of our medical system.

Thus, the vision emerged for a primary care center where each patient has a trusted physician and a team of experts dedicated to practicing proactive medicine. Nearly two decades later, with persistence and planning, Integrated Medical Health or IM|Health, opened its doors in November of 2020.

Located in our state-of-the-art facility, we offer seven divisions: family practice, behavioral health, urgent care, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, personal training and IM|Plus. These experts collaborate to support your entire health journey.  Think of us like a team of professionals backing a college athlete for optimal performance—except here, the goal isn’t a game, it’s your quality of life.

This is the essence of being part of IM | Health. I encourage you, regardless of where you are on your wellness journey to make the most important investment there is, your own health. Come join us in the future of primary care.