Back in Action

Whether you are taking up a new sport, joining a seasonal rec league, or getting back into a fitness regimen, this program is designed to prepare you for safe return to activity. After a long layoff due to injury or a sedentary lifestyle, one can develop muscle weakness, inflexibility, and joint immobility leading to faulty movement patterns. These issues can put the participant at greater risk of injury. This service identifies body imbalances and addresses them through the use of manual therapy and exercise.

Designed to be a 4-6 week program, the package includes:

  • Initial Evaluation (60 min) - Movement analysis, objective measures, and initiation of treatment
  • 3 Treatment Sessions - Manual therapy (30 min), supervised exercise (15-30 min)
  • 2 Personal Training Sessions with the PT (30-45 min) - Progression from therapeutic to more advanced exercises

Cost - $570

Physical Therapy Maintenance Program

At IM | Health, we recognize the need for ongoing care beyond your prescribed course of physical therapy. Research and experience show that manual therapy can help the patient to maintain gains made in PT, facilitate the benefits of exercise, and ultimately prevent injury recurrence. In a word, it is an integral part of a comprehensive wellness program leading to a better quality of life!

Menu of Services

Manual Therapy Sessions (30 min)

Upon discharge from formal physical therapy, this service is available to patients who would like to continue treatment on a periodic basis (e.g. every 3-4 weeks). Includes manual techniques used in therapy to address pain, tightness, and immobility. In addition, after treatment, the client may follow up with stretching, exercise, or application of heat or ice.

Cost - $95

Manual Therapy with Traction (45-60 min)

For patients with chronic spine conditions such as mechanical low back pain, stenosis, lumbar/cervical disc herniations, and degenerative disc disease. This treatment may help reduce pain and increase ease of movement leading to improved function and mobility.

Cost - $115

Manual Therapy with Electrical Stimulation (45-60 min)

For patients who suffer from chronic pain and/or stiffness. The application of a low-level electric current to the muscles after deep tissue release may help to sustain the release and improve neurovascular efficiency. Heat or ice is often applied with the electric stimulation for greater effect.

Cost - $115

Personal Training with Physical Therapist (30 min)

This service is available to former patients who:

  • Would like to review or advance their home exercise program
  • Continue to make strength/flexibility gains in a safe, supervised environment
  • Plan to return to a specific sport after rehab
  • Would like to safely transition to a higher level fitness program

Cost - $75

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