You Are What You Eat

At IM | Health, we created an integrated wellness center with one goal, to make a happier, healthier, better you. While here, we have a beautiful café with a menu full of wholesome, delicious foods handpicked by our in-house registered dietitian to enhance your experience.

Good, Healthy Food

Not only do we care about the taste of what we put in our mouths, but also the effect it has on our body. Our menu is full of tasty and nutritious options that will leave your taste buds craving more.

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Delicious Coffee & Espresso

This isn’t some run of the mill coffee station that you would see in a typical waiting room. Our barista makes a wide range of finely executed coffee drinks using high-quality coffee beans and world-class equipment.

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Preorder Protein Smoothies Before Workouts

Proper protein consumption is a sure-fire method to reduce muscle soreness and enhance recovery after breaking a sweat in our performance center. We know you're busy, so you can call ahead or stop by the café to preorder a protein smoothie before your workout to fuel your body on the go.

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