As of now, our family practice has not been authorized by the PA Department of Health to dispense vaccines.

Pennsylvania currently has no statewide vaccine sign-up system. Instead, each county has a sign-up system, and each system works slightly differently.

Please refer to PA Department of Health for further information.

A map of providers approved to administer the vaccine in Pennsylvania is located here.

Depending on your county health care provider and priority group, you may not be eligible for vaccination at all locations listed on the map. Be sure to check eligibility requirements for each site before trying to schedule an appointment.

You may also check your county website for updates. The Chester County website and Montgomery County website have started accepting registration for county residents, including Delaware County, as well as having many helpful updates for your reference.

Pennsylvania is also distributing vaccines through a pharmacy partnership. Outside Philadelphia, the Rite Aid online sign-up portal is open to those 65 and older, health care workers, long-term care facility residents and staff, emergency medical service workers, pharmacy staff, public health employees, and individuals 18 or older with high-risk conditions.

Still having trouble with vaccine sign-up or finding an appointment? Try connecting with others: The Pennsylvania COVID Vaccine Match Maker group on Facebook matches vaccine “seekers” with volunteer “finders” to help streamline the process.

Does it feel as if you’ve signed up on every list possible and still haven’t heard back?

Remember, limited vaccine supply means that it might take a while to get your shot, even if you’re following all the right steps.