Dear Patients and Performance Center Members, 

Being a medical facility, we at IM | Health take your health and wellbeing seriously.  In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to adopt and have in fact surpassed many of the measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office to ensure your safety and confidence when you visit our facility. We understand that some of the measures we have chosen to take may be different from what other training facilities in the area are doing, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard for your safety. 

Performance Center Member Requirements:

          1. Wear a mask or some form of face-covering (nose and mouth) while indoors.  
          2. Maintain a physical distancing of six feet or more whenever possible.
          3. Wash your hands frequently. 
          4. Do not visit unless you have an appointment or if you are feeling ill (except of course if you are seeing one of our physicians). 

Performance Center Safety Measures:

          1. We have a brand new, industrial HVAC system dedicated to just the Performance Center. This system is over-engineered for the space to filter and circulate air several times an hour. 
          2. All staff and members must wear some form of face-covering while indoors and on the training floor.  We understand the challenge of wearing a mask while performing strenuous cardiovascular work. Our exercise programming will take this into consideration. 
          3. Due to the nature of our training programs, we will be far below the limited occupancy standard set by the state. 
          4. A “Pandemic Safety Officer” will be maintaining wellness screenings, cleaning, and managing physical distancing. 
          5. All training sessions are by appointment only.
          6. All equipment and/or working stations have a minimum of six feet between them.
          7. Hand sanitizer (>60% alcohol), tissues, cleaning products, and no-touch trashcans available throughout the facility for quick cleaning between sets of exercises and stations.  
          8. Additionally, we will be abbreviating session durations by fifteen minutes to limit potential exposure times, and to allow for deep cleaning of equipment and processing of air by the HVAC system.
          9. Program designs will include “inactive” stations further spreading out activities and allowing the cleaning products to do their job between equipment uses.